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We have had to close exhibitions
The Coronavirus pandemic has changed lives in this country and globally for the foreseeable future. With a heavy heart, we have been forced to close all of our exhibitions and partner museum displays, and cancel all of our ticketed events.

As you can imagine, this has substantially reduced our anticipated income for 2020. Now more than ever we need your support.  Tell all your friends and family about us, and come and visit us again when we are open and please donate.

You can still visit virtually
We are working hard to keep the collection available to everyone, adding online talks and blog posts so everyone can continue to enjoy these wonderful artworks and find out more about them, the De Morgans, and their world.  

Please donate
Please donate to the Foundation in order that we can continue to share the collection we love for generations to come.  However much you can afford, all donations are gratefully received and support our work.


De Morgan during the Coronavirus/Covid -19 Pandemic

The health and safety of our audience is our primary concern as we deal with the outbreak of Coronavirus/COVID-19.  In line with government guidelines, which recommend that we avoid using public transport or attending gatherings in public places, all De Morgan partner sites and exhibitions are now closed until at least 1 May 2020.

Shop orders can still be placed, but delivery will be postponed until 1 May 2020.

Check our blog and social media channels for an increased programme of digital talks, tours, and articles to ensure we can keep in touch during this pandemic.

Please consider making a donation to help us survive through the pandemic.

Thank you for your support.




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Directions | Opening Times

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Directions | Opening Times


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