Borrow from the De Morgan Collection

The De Morgan Collection is available for temporary loan to reputable art galleries, museums and cultural institutions for exhibitions with public access

All requests to borrow must first be discussed with Sarah Hardy, the Curator and Manager of the De Morgan Collection, before a formal request is made in writing to Sarah. Each request will then be submitted to the Board of Trustees, who will ultimately decide whether to lend the objects requested.

Before making a request, please be aware that the borrower must cover all costs relating to the loan, such as transport, insurance, and the Foundation’s time and resources in preparing and administering the loan. Borrowers will also be expected to adhere to the Foundation’s terms and conditions of the loan.

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The De Morgan Foundation has two stunning temporary exhibitions which are available to hire

Sublime Symmetry is a visually engaging exhibition which has teaching KS2 mathematics at its core. The exhibition is arranged around the geometric principles of pattern, shape and symmetry which William De Morgan used to structure his fabulous designs. These sections of the exhibition are also core elements of the national curriculum, making this the perfect exhibition for schools and families to enjoy.

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Artist of Peace combines drawings and paintings by Evelyn De Morgan from the period 1914 – 1919 which demonstrate her deeply personal response to the horror she felt at the outbreak of WWI and how she hoped this would be a passing phase in bringing eventual peace.

This pacifist and spiritualist artist was unable to reconcile her emotion with narrative paintings of the front line and so developed a rich visual lexicon of dragons and demons in desolate wastelands to express the dangers and death toll caused by the Great War.

In the spring of 1916, Evelyn held a solo exhibition of works denouncing the fighting, with all of the proceeds going to the Red Cross. Many of the paintings from this exhibition are included in Artist of Peace. Visitors will also enjoy insight into her meticulous working method with original drawings, sketches and full pastel compositions for each painting. This moving and beautiful show will resonate with modern visitors who can look to the art of the past to encourage them there is the hope of peace after conflict and political turmoil.

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