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The visual arts are a fantastic way to introduce difficult topics to even the most reluctant learners. A line of symmetry is extremely difficult to explain, but easy to see and unforgettable if drawn. Looking for lines of symmetry in a De Morgan tile will demonstrate to a child that they can learn mathematics.

We have created these sheets to encourage you and children you teach to take a closer look at the artworks and ask questions about them which link across a range of National Curriculum subjects.

We hope you enjoy using them in your learning and teaching.

School Visit

A half-day visit to your classroom by De Morgan Collection Curator, Sarah Hardy, to teach your pupils key mathematical principles using the Foundation’s handling collection of ceramics.

A half-day session for a group of no more than 30 pupils is £150.

Coiled snakes, repeating patterns and symmetrical Islamic motifs might just look like pretty plates, but budding mathematicians will soon spot the geometric structure of William De Morgan’s designs. Pupils will be introduced to the work of this Victorian Arts and Crafts designer through his interest in mathematics and use of geometry to create wonderful and elaborate ceramic pieces.

They will seek out angles, rotations, lines of symmetry and basic shapes to better understand the broad use of mathematics at the heart of making art, inspiring the most reluctant learners and dispelling any myths that maths is boring!

During the day you will:

  • Have an introduction to William De Morgan and the Victorians
  • Handle original De Morgan tiles and ceramics
  • Use compasses, rulers and set squares
  • Curriculum Links:
  • Mathematics
  • History
  • Design and Technology
  • Art


  • Pupils will learn about the properties of 2-dimensional shape
  • Pupils will learn to draw and measure shapes when making their own De Morgan inspired tile design
  • Pupils will be able to recognise features of patterns such as symmetry and rotation


  • Pupils will be taught right, acute and obtuse angles and how to recognise and measure these, by making their own De Morgan inspired dish design
  • Pupils will learn how to use a geometric net to create a repeat pattern

To Book:

Please contact the De Morgan Foundation Curator, Sarah Hardy on or by calling +44 (0)1483 600 823.