The Lecture

Focusing on his work with the Egyptian Government in 1892, this lecture will explore De Morgan’s interest in Egyptian glaze pottery.

Starting at the beginning exploring how De Morgan, came to be considered an expert in the field of lustre ware. It will explore his work with stained glass, the creation of the Arab Hall (1877-1881) and his subsequent interest in Iznik pottery. Using William De Morgan’s Report on the feasibility of a Manufacture of Glazed Pottery in Egypt, (1892) we will explore how De Morgan worked with potters, and archeologist to conducted research into the different clay deposits in Egypt, and as a consequence not only created a document detailing the feasibility of glazed pottery manufacture, but also a comprehensive history of Egyptian pottery.

The Speaker

Hannah N Mills is a PhD candidate (supervised by Professor Abigail Harrison Moore) in the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies at the University of Leeds. Having completed a joint honours degree in History and Heritage at Bath Spa University (2014 – 2017) and a Masters Degree in the History of Art at University College London, University of London (2017 – 2018). Her PhD research is focused around the home of Frederic Leighton, being a centre of experimentation; from its very conception to the work that it inspired in its craftsmen who worked on the building. Hannah continues to conduct her research into the influence of the Middle East and North Africa on the British Arts &Crafts Movement. It was this subject that formed the basis of her Master’s dissertation.

How to watch

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