Artist: De Morgan, William
Object Number: C_WDM_0008
Date: 1888 - 1907
Category: Ceramic, Ceramics Highlights, Lustre-glazed earthenware, Punch bowl, and Queen's House
Material: Lustre-glazed Earthenware
Dimensions: Diameter 352 mm, Height 181 mm
Inscriptions: Decorator's Mark on base for Passenger, Fred: 'F.P.'

Blue earthenware punchbowl with silver, gold and copper lustre decoration. Decorated with a galleon sailing on a sea at night, surrounded by dolphins and swirling waves, this spectacular punchbowl represents the pinnacle of De Morgan’s technical mastery. The Moonlight colourway of gold, silver and copper metal oxides on a dark blue background create a dreamlike quality to the scallop edged bowl. Each metallic oxide required a different firing temperature and so the bowl underwent at least five firings, making its creation all the more miraculous.