Artist: De Morgan, William
Object Number: C_WDM_0053
Date: 1888 - 1907
Category: Ashmolean, Bowl, Ceramic, and Tin-glazed Earthenware
Material: Tin-glazed Earthenware
Dimensions: Diameter 368 mm, Height 134 mm.
Inscriptions: Decorator's Mark on bottom of bowl for Ricardo, Halsey: Decorator's monogram

Tin glazed earthenware polychrome bowl. Decorated with a galleon sailing on a sea filled with fish. The outside decorated with a vertical fish pattern on a turquoise and white ground. The initials on the base of the bowl (HR) indicate that it was decorated by De Morgan’s business partner Halsey Ricardo. Ricardo mainly managed the business and contributed to the design process, which accounts for the crudeness of the surface decoration in comparision with pieces executed by De Morgan’s more accomplished decorators.