Artist: De Morgan, Evelyn
Object Number: P_EDM_0031
Date: 1880 - 1888
Category: Highlights, Homecoming, Oil in glycerine on canvas 'The Process', Paintings Highlights, and Paintings
Material: Oil in glycerine on canvas 'The Process'
Dimensions: Framed: H 787.4 x W 508 mm

When a study for this work was exhibited in 1889, a quotation attributed to St. Augustine of Hippo was attached to it – “illuminate, oh illuminated my blind soul that sitteth in darkness and the Shadow of Death”. The Soul sits in its prison (the body) awaiting its release into the light beyond the prison window – the release of death. This echoes the painter’s Spiritualist belief, that the body is merely an earthly shell, an encumbrance, which the spirit longs to cast off in death, to move into the sun of the spirit-spheres. A similar idea is express in De Morgan’s painting “The Prisoner”.