Artist: De Morgan, William
Object Number: C_WDM_0271b
Date: 1888 - 1897
Category: Tin-glazed Earthenware, Ceramics Highlights, Ceramic, Tile Panel, and Homecoming
Material: Tin-glazed Earthenware
Dimensions: Width 518 mm, Height 1283 mm, Depth 48 mm
Inscriptions: Pottery Mark: Early Fulham Period Impressed mark: '(k)'. On reverse of tile: 'Wm De Morgan & Co. Sands End Pottery Fulham'

Framed tile panel consisting of a 8 x 3 section of polychrome tiles with scarlett macaws and blue fronted amazon parrots in a vine with grapes and leaves. Originally the tiles formed a large fire screen however it was damaged in the Bourlet’s fire in 1991 and broken into 60 fragments. The panel was conserved and reassembled from broken tiles in 2012