Dimensions: H 48.75", W 36.75"

Keywords: Evelyn De Morgan, allegorical painting, Spiritualism, Angel of Death, dark wings, scythe, spring flowers

Dates: 1880

Marks / Inscriptions: Signature, painted, lower right: "EP 1880"


The theme of death was an increasingly common theme in Evelyn’s oeuvre as time went by. The Angel of Death I is the most overt representation of the subject and demonstrates Evelyn’s spiritualist belief that death is to be welcomed and not feared.

Evelyn depicts the Angel of Death, symbolised by his grey hair and scythe, as a beautiful and benign figure, gently comforting the frail female figure he has in his sight. The young woman appears to have had a hard life - signified by the arid landscape behind her. In contrast, the way forward is illustrated with a fertile landscape and spring flowers, demonstrating Evelyn’s view that the path of the Angel of Death is not to be feared.

Associated work in our collection - Drawing by Evelyn De Morgan (D_EDM_0005)

Object Location: Loan - Watts Gallery Artists Village