The De Morgan Foundation charity is committed to sharing the collection as widely as possible with new audiences. This week, we are delighted to welcome 16 year old Millie to the office for a week-long work placement. We are very excited to work with Millie and keen to hear her interests, perspectives and interpretations of the De Morgan Collection. We hope that by adding her interpretation to a range of digital platforms, we might encourage her peers to have a closer look at the artworks that have inspired her to join us.

Not so glamorous makeshift recording studio!

Millie says, “I have been volunteering at the watts gallery for a little under a year and really loved the De Morgan exhibition that is on display here. I have chosen to do my work experience at the De Morgan Collection because I feel that there is a lot of history within the De Morgan family and that a lot of that history is strongly tied to the Wattses and I want to share these stories with others my age.

I will be here for the whole week and so far I have really enjoyed what I have been doing. I am currently writing and recording audio guides of the De Morgan exhibition in a stock cupboard, which makes a surprisingly good recording studio! I have just finished the Introduction to the De Morgans and their relationship with the Wattses clip which is available for visitors to listen to on SoundCloud or by pressing play below”