Our front of house volunteer, Hannah, tells you what you can expect from our new London-based exhibition. You will have a chance to visit after this lockdown, from 2 – 6 December.

The artistic hub of Cromwell Place, which provides its members with a flexible exhibition space in central London, is a fitting environment for the return of the De Morgan Collection to Chelsea. Evelyn and William De Morgan’s bold, jewel-link works married well to the environment of Cromwell Place, more so as the De Morgan’s former residence is an idle jaunt down the road, and the tower of the Victoria and Albert Museum – custodian of much of William’s artistic inspiration – could be spied through the rear gallery window. It truly is a homecoming, in more ways than one.

Cromwell Place, SW7

My experience in invigilating ‘Homecoming’ was a true privilege. The work of the husband-and-wife artistic duo was, as always, a sight to behold, and it was a joy to assist the ‘Homecoming’ aspect of Cromwell Place’s inaugural exhibition programme. Primarily, my duties consisted of opening and closing the gallery space, welcoming guests, discussing the artwork on display, and promoting the De Morgan Foundation. These tasks were immensely enjoyable, and a highlight was the mutual passion for the De Morgan Collection, and excitement for reacquainting oneself with the exhibition pieces.

During the quiet spells, I revelled in being the sole viewer of the exhibition, and particularly coveted the play of afternoon autumn light on the golden halo of ‘Lux in Tenebris’. The themes of Evelyn De Morgan’s work – the trials and tribulations of the early twentieth century, hope, spiritualism, and transformation – are poignant given the climate of this year, and my feeling is that the exhibition was curated with this in mind. 

Lux in Tenebris by Evelyn De Morgan

A collective comment from exhibition visitors followed a similar vein; Evelyn’s work within this exhibition context acted as a cathartic and restorative stimulus.   I was delighted to work alongside this project. ‘Homecoming’ presented me with a three-pronged opportunity: the ability to return to front-of-house representation within the museum sector, a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Cromwell Place and its unique, revolutionary ethos, and further insight in to the husband-and-wife artistic due and their individual and collaborative pieces.