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Edward Burne-Jones is one of the most celebrated artists of the Victorian period and this talk reveals his friendship with the De Morgans.

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Whilst most are aware of Burne-Jones’ friendship with William De Morgan, his links with the rest of the De Morgan family are not as well known.

This talk starts with a trip to Florence in 1863, and ends, rather unexpectedly, in Bournemouth in 1922. You will discover what Burne-Jones really thought about Evelyn De Morgan, hear the ridiculous mock-cockney the artists spoke in, and appreciate how similarities between Burne-Jones and Evelyn De Morgan paintings led to forged signatures and the reattribution of a painting.

The work of John Roddam Spencer Stanhope, William De Morgan, Edward Burne-Jones, and Philip Burne-Jones will feature.

Suggested donation is £5, but you can join us for as little as £1