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Discover how this Evelyn De Morgan painting escaped the De Morgan Collection to be in the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery in Bournemouth

About this Event

Dawn, depicted as three dazzling angels, bursts through the gloom forcing night to pull back her black cloak, and revealing the beautiful Aurora.

This striking painting by Evelyn De Morgan has a murky past however. An EBJ was forged onto the canvas and the painting was sold as a Burne-Jones to Bournemouth hotelier and art collector, Merton Russell-Cotes, at some point before 1907. Today, the picture belongs to the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery in Bournemouth, and is one of only seven in the country to be in a public collection outside of the De Morgan Foundation.

In this talk, De Morgan Curator, Sarah Hardy, is joined by Russell-Cotes Curator, Duncan Walker, to discuss this painting, how it came to be in the Russell-Cotes collection, and how it was rediscovered as a true De Morgan masterpiece. Duncan will also tell us more about other highlights and Victorian treasures in this truly unique art gallery overlooking the sea.

Recommended donation is £5