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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this event will now be held online. We will see hundreds of Evelyn De Morgan’s sketches and drawings, from golden compositional studies to watercolour landscapes over a Zoom call which you will dial into. There will still be plenty of opportunity to discuss the drawing with Sarah and ask questions.

Join De Morgan curator, Sarah Hardy, for an up close and personal look at Evelyn De Morgan’s drawings and sketches, not on public display.

In a review of the recent ‘Pre-Raphaelite Sisters’ exhibition held at the National Portrait Gallery, Nancy Durrant, of The Times, commented how brilliant it was to see Evelyn De Morgan’s studies available to the public.

The De Morgan collection contains around 600 drawings by Evelyn De Morgan, but due to the difficulties of displaying these delicate works of art, they are kept in the De Morgan store and not on public view.

Evelyn De Morgan was a brilliant artist, who meticulously planned for each painting she made by creating hundreds of sketches and studies.

Her beautiful drawings reveal how she had ideas for paintings which might not be realised until years later. They also give an insight into her working method of sketching and planning each pose of a model, gesture, and touch, over and over, until she could confidently and perfectly apply her ideas to canvas.

In this two-hour session, De Morgan Curator, Sarah Hardy, will show you some highlights of the drawings collection, and give an in-depth talk about Evelyn De Morgan’s feminist, spiritualist, and pacifist artwork.