We have partnered with Art UK, the country’s premier online paintings catalogue, to present all of the paintings in our collection digitally for your delectation.

This allows you to see the 56 Evelyn De Morgan paintings in the Collection alongside the 8 De Morgan’s in other UK collections for the first time ever.

To celebrate, De Morgan Curator, Sarah Hardy, has written this article for the site about Evelyn De Morgan’s rainbows as symbols of hope. Something that makes them particularly poignant and relevant in 2020 as hand-painted rainbow banners adorn our windows as we clap the NHS and look forward to the end of the coronavirus crisis.

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For the first time ever, you can browse all Evelyn De Morgan artworks in UK public collections and see them all in one place. This has allowed us to make important comparisons across her oeuvre, rather than looking at what is held in house. For example, the National Portrait Gallery’s William De Morgan Portrait and the Foundation’s, both by Evelyn De Morgan, but painted a decade apart, show how rapidly she developed her portraiture, an under recognized element of her career.

Portrait of William De Morgan (1893) De Morgan Foundation

Portrait of William De Morgan (1909) National Portrait Gallery