Artist: De Morgan, William
Object Number: C_WDM_T0019
Date: 1881
Category: Tin-Glazed Earthenware, Tiles, Focus, and Ceramic
Material: Tin-Glazed Earthenware
Dimensions: Height 152 mm, Width 152 mm, Depth 10 mm
Inscriptions: Pottery Mark: Architectural Pottery Co. PoolereversePoole Pottery(null)

6 inch tile with yellow carnation flower, green and turquoise leaves and mulberry coloured birds on a cream ground. These tiles are decorated on “blanks” manufactured by the Architectural Pottery Co. Poole. This pattern which dates from the earliest period of De Morgan’s pottery is one of the most complex repeat patterns that he designed.

The tiles were donated to Mrs Stirling’s collection by Mrs Bullivant in memory of her husband.