De Morgan Paintings Conservation Campaign



Caring for the De Morgan Foundation’s artwork is an ongoing process. Over the past few years the Foundation has diverted funds into conserving a number of paintings in the collections; however there is always more to do. 

Before we move there are several paintings which need essential work to stabilise them in order to make sure they’re safe whilst in transit and on display at other locations.  These paintings include:

The Light Shineth in Darkness
The Salutation

Port after Stormy Sea

Portrait of William De Morgan

Angel of Death

The Prisoner

Garden of Opportunity


The Grey Sisters

Our Lady of Peace

Portrait of Millicent De Morgan

In addition more than 30 of the paintings in the collection need conservation backing boards which help to protect the integrity of the art works in the future.

The cost of this work is estimated at £40,000, if you’d like to help us conserve these paintings so that they are protected for future generations you can donate through our website and just let us know in the order form comments that you wish the money to go to the De Morgan Paintings Conservation Project

Thank you  !

Our thanks go to our generous donors who have contributed so far:

Birkbeck Art History Society