A range of postcards of paintings and ceramics from the De Morgan Collection. Click on each item to see enlarged images and further information.
ImageNamesort iconPrice
n/aVenus and Cupid - Postcard£0.60
n/aThe Sea Maidens - postcard£0.60
n/aThe Salutation postcard£0.60
n/aThe Red Cross - postcard£0.60
n/aThe Prisoner - Postcard£0.60
n/aThe Love Potion - Postcard£0.60
n/aThe Cadence of Autumn Postcard£0.60
n/aStudy of Male Body for Boreas - postcard£0.60
n/aStudy from the Laocoön Group postcard£0.60
n/aSnake tile panel postcard£0.60
n/aQueen Eleanor and the Fair Rosamund - Postcard£0.60
n/aPostcard Two Vases£0.60