Along with our lovely glossy guide to William and Evelyn De Morgan and the catalogue of Evelyn De Morgan paintings, we also stock a range of books related to the De Morgans and the Arts and Crafts Movement. Click on each item to see enlarged images and further information.
n/aEvelyn De Morgan Oil Paintings£40.00
n/aThe Arts and Crafts Movement£27.95
n/aWilliam and Evelyn De Morgan (3rd edition)£7.99
n/aWilliam Morris in 50 Objects£9.95
n/aWilliam De Morgan Tiles£10.00
n/aWilliam De Morgan Blackwell Exhibition Catalogue£12.95
n/aAngels in Art Masterpieces Colouring Book£4.50
n/aIslamic Art£16.99
n/aIznik Pottery£10.99
n/aLeighton House Catalogue£1.00
n/aMythical Beasts Colouring Book£4.50
n/aP&O Pencillings£5.00