Dimensions: H 75.5", W 38"

Keywords: Evelyn De Morgan, allegorical painting, Spiritualism, Pacifism, Boer War, knight, kneeling to pray, Our Lady of Peace, faces of angels, angels of peace, rainbow, laurel branches

Dates: 1902

Marks / Inscriptions: Signature, painted, lower right: "EDeM 1902"


This picture is a response by the artist to the Boer War. A soldier about to leave for war kneels in a church to pray, and receives a vision of Our Lady, accompanied by rainbows, winged angels and girded with the laurel branches of peace. The soldier is young and idealistic and seems to be praying that his actions will bring peace. This illustrates Evelyn’s pacifist views, of the futility of attempting to bring peace by waging war.

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Object Location: De Morgan Collection Storage