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The idea for the Sublime Symmetry exhibition stems from The De Morgan Foundation’s own research into William De Morgan’s use of mathematics to create his ceramic designs and discovery of the links between the devices he used and what is taught in mathematics at KS2 today.                                                     


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Thinking of visiting Sublime Symmetry with your class? Would you like them to be able to continue their mathematics learning back in the classroom following your Sublime Symmetry visit?

The Teachers' Resource Pack contains everything you need - from an exhibition information sheet, to worksheets for you class - to plan a school visit to Sublime Symmetry.


Book a school trip to Sublime Symmetry

On a school trip to Sublime Symmetry, your class will be able to see William De Morgan's wonderful ceramics first hand, and witness for themselves the fusion of maths and design, inspiring the most reluctant young mathematicians to engage with this core subject.


10 December 2016 to 04 March 2017 at the New Walk Gallery, Leicester.


Call: 0116 225 4910



View the Teachers' Resource Pack on the TES website



Sublime Symmetry Christmas Arts and Crafts ideas

Why not make you're own De Morgan and maths Christmas card designs?



Outreach Education Project with Briercliffe Primary School

Briercliffe Primary School took part in a project to design and create interactive games for children visiting the Sublime Symmetry exhibition. Following lessons in school on De Morgan's use of pattern, shape and symmetry in his designs, class six came up with some incredible and challenging games which can now be seen as part of the Sublime Symmetry exhibition.




An example of the work Briercliffe Primary School pupils coompleted.


Children enjoying the games at Towneley Hall in Burnley