Aurora Triumphans Display


Bought by Merton Russell-Cotes in the early 20th Century as a Burne-Jones painting, Aurora Triumphans was proudly displayed with this provenance for some years. Upon finding out about the sale, Evelyn De Morgan's younger sister, Wilhelmina Stirling, wrote a furious letter to the director of collections claiming the painting was in fact an Evelyn De Morgan work, whose maiden name monogram EP (for Evelyn Pickering) had been cleverly doctored to EBJ. 


To prove her case, Wilhelmina presented sketches from her own collection to the Russell-Cotes and the attribution was immediately changed, allowing audiences to appreciate this painting as a rare Evelyn De Morgan in a public collection since.

In April, the De Morgan Foundation will collaborate with the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery to reunite the drawings with the painting for the first time since its reattribution, in order to celebrate this artist’s work on the centenary of her death.

Russell-Cotes Art Gallery