De Morgan Collection at Wightwick Manor

A Better, More Beautiful World

The latest De Morgan Collection exhibition opened at Wightwick Manor, Wolverhampton on the 6th May 2017.

The exhibition celebrates the launch of the De Morgan Foundation's 10-year partnership with the National Trust. It also commemorates the long and sincere friendship between Wilhelmina Stirling, Evelyn's sister and founder of the De Morgan Collection, and the Manders, the founding collectors at Wightwick Manor.




Hosted in The Malthouse, a new purpose-built gallery space at the manor, the exhibition will display 18 works by Evelyn and over 100 by William, loaned from the De Morgan Collection. Called ‘A Better, More Beautiful World’, the exhibition demonstrates the breadth of the De Morgan’s artistic achievements, and explors the relationship between the artists, their social and creative inspirations, and their vision for a world without conflict.

The exhibition includes some of Evelyn De Morgan's most iconic works including Flora, Cadmus and Harmonia, Night and Sleep, and The Prisoner and a fantastic array of plates, vases and tile panels by William De Morgan. The sculptural bust of Pan (left) modelled by William De Morgan is a stand out piece which has rarely been displayed before.





This partnership forms a key part of the De Morgan Foundation’s aim is to continue to provide access to the collection by developing a network of strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations across the country.

You can download the exhibition guide here

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