A range of postcards of paintings and ceramics from the De Morgan Collection. Click on each item to see enlarged images and further information.

Phosphorus and Hesperus postcard

Product SKU:PC48

Matte A6 postcard of Evelyn De Morgan's painting 'Phosphorus and Hesperus'

Jane Morris postcard

Product SKU:PC47

Matte A6 postcard of Evelyn De Morgan's pastel portrait of Jane Morris, created as a study for her painting 'The Hour Glass'

Boreas and Oreithyia postcard

Product SKU:PC46

Matte A6 postcard of Evelyn De Morgan's oil painting 'Boreas and Oreithyia'

Flower in vase postcard

Product SKU:PC41

This glossy postcard features William De Morgan's Flower in Vase tile panel. 

Persian Fan postcard

Product SKU:PC40

This glossy postcard features two of William De Morgan's Persian fan tile designs.

Snake tile panel postcard

Product SKU:PC39

This glossy postcard features William De Morgan's charming snake tile panel.

Measures 148mm x 105mm.

Male life drawing postcard

Product SKU:PC45

This A6 matte postcard depicts a life study of an Italian male model dated 1875 and executed by Evelyn De Morgan whilst at the Slade. The artist’s modesty was preserved with strategically placed drapery. The drawing is a rare example of De Morgan’s ability to portray individual features, in contrast to the idealized forms that appear in the majority of her works. The inscription at the foot of the drawing reads “E. Pickering – a day less for the examination”.

This image is displayed in our Men In Pants exhibition

Study from the Laocoön Group postcard

Product SKU:PC44

A6 Matte postcard of a study from the Laocoön group by Evelyn De Morgan. The statue of Laocoön and His Sons (also called the Laocoön Group) depicts the Trojan priest Laocoön and his sons being attacked by sea serpents. Evelyn’s study of this painting concentrates on a section of the overall group and depicts one of the sons becoming entwined with and constricted by a serpent. This image is displayed in our Men In Pants exhibition. 

Postcard Galleon Tile Panel

Product SKU:PC37

Galleon Tile Panel, depicting Galleons in full sail with Sea Creatures, Landscape and Sunrise.

Designed for P&O ship s.s.Malta in 1895

Size: DL

Postcard Dragon Tile Panel

Product SKU:PC38

A6 gloss postcard featuring William De Morgan's Dragon and Carnation Tile Panel, consisting of two tiles with alternate blue and green glaze surround.

Size A6