Ceramics Postcards

A range of postcards featuring ceramics from the De Morgan Collection.

Postcard Italianate Fountain with Cityscape

Product SKU:PC34

Italianate Fountain with Cityscape, designed for P&O.

Property of the Southwark Art Collection.


Postcard Mosque and Minaret Tile Panel

Product SKU:PC33

Mosque and Minaret Tile Panel, designed for P&O, property of the  Southwark Art Collection.


Postcard Two Vases

Product SKU:PC32

Two Vases

Left : Blackbird Vase decorated by Joe Juster

Right : Fish Vase decorated by Charles Passenger


Postcard Dish with 'The Fishing Lesson'

Product SKU:PC30

Dish with ‘The Fishing Lesson’, A Pelican and her young, Red Lustre glaze.


Postcard Large Punch Bowl with Eagle and Swallow Decoration

Product SKU:PC29

Large Punch Bowl with Eagle and Swallow Decoration, Persian colour way.


Postcard Dish with Galleon in Full Sail

Product SKU:PC28

Dish with Galleon in Full Sail, in subtle mauve and gold lustre glaze.


Postcard Rice Dish with Peacocks

Product SKU:PC26

Rice Dish with Peacocks in Persian colouor way.


Postcard Punchbowl with Galleon

Product SKU:PC25

Punchbowl with Galleon and Dolphin decoration in moonlight lustre.