Ceramics Postcards

A range of postcards featuring ceramics from the De Morgan Collection.

Postcard Platter with Knight on Horseback

Product SKU:PC27

Platter with Italianate inspired design of knight on horseback, with leopard and spear.


Fierce Creatures - Postcard

Product SKU:PC_49

Postcard featuring a double gourd shaped ruby lustre vase adorned with fierce creatures

Dimensions: 149 mm x 105 mm

BBB Postcard

Product SKU:PC_0034

Gorgeous postcard depicting De Morgan's iconic BBB repeat.

Size: DL

Parrot Tile Panel - Postcard

Product SKU:PC_0034

Postcard of De Morgan's spectacular Scarlet Macaw and Blue Fronted Amazon Tile Panel

Size: DL

Flower in vase postcard

Product SKU:PC41

This glossy postcard features William De Morgan's Flower in Vase tile panel. 

Persian Fan postcard

Product SKU:PC40

This glossy postcard features two of William De Morgan's Persian fan tile designs.

Snake tile panel postcard

Product SKU:PC39

This glossy postcard features William De Morgan's charming snake tile panel.

Measures 148mm x 105mm.

Postcard Galleon Tile Panel

Product SKU:PC37

Galleon Tile Panel, depicting Galleons in full sail with Sea Creatures, Landscape and Sunrise.

Designed for P&O ship s.s.Malta in 1895

Size: DL

Postcard Dragon Tile Panel

Product SKU:PC38

A6 gloss postcard featuring William De Morgan's Dragon and Carnation Tile Panel, consisting of two tiles with alternate blue and green glaze surround.

Size A6

Postcard Italianate Fountain with Garden

Product SKU:PC35

Italianate Fountain with Cityscape, designed for P&O, property of the Southwark Art Collection.