Along with our lovely glossy guide to William and Evelyn De Morgan and the catalogue of Evelyn De Morgan paintings, we also stock a range of books related to the De Morgans and the Arts and Crafts Movement. Click on each item to see enlarged images and further information.

Victorian Britain

Product SKU:NSS26

by Brenda Williams

This well-illustrated and informative book explores all aspects of Victorian society, from home life and entertainment to industry and politics. This easy-to-read volume contextualises the work of the De Morgans and other artists of the Arts and Crafts period. 

Softback, 96 pages. ISBN: 978-1841651538

The Arts and Crafts Movement

Product SKU:NSS24

by Rosalind P Blakesley

This book provides an expansive exploration of the Arts and Crafts Movement in painting, craft and architecture. Well illustrated with full colour pictures and photographs, it features extensive archival material and previously unpublished works.

Softback, 272 pages. Published by Phaidon. ISBN 978-0714849676

The Decorative Tile in Architecture and Interiors

Product SKU:NSS23

by Tony Herbert and Kathryn Huggins

This extensive volume integrates tile design and manufacture with the architectural and social environment in which they were used, concentrating on the "golden" age of tiles in the 19th Century. The book has many full page illustrations and photographs of tiled architecture around the world.

Softback, 240 pages. Published by Phaidon Press. ISBN: 978-0714839790

Islamic Tiles

Product SKU:NSS20

by Venetia Porter

This well-illustrated book explores the history of tile decoration in the Islamic world and and the influence of its techniques and decorative motifs across a wide geographic area.  

Softback, 128 pages. Published by The British Museum Press. ISBN: 978-0714114569

The Arts and Crafts Movement

Product SKU:NSS19

by Elizabeth Cumming and Wendy Kaplan

This glossy illustrated volume surveys the highly influential Arts and Crafts design movement in Britain, the United States of America and Europe. It's explores the influence of such architects and artists as William Morris, Edwin Lutyens, Frank Lloyd Wright and Josef Hoffmann.

Softback, 216 pages.  Published by Thames & Hudson. ISBN: 978-0500202487

Paper Fish Model and Mobile Book

Product SKU:NSS18

by Annabelle Curtis

This book features a wonderful range of fish models and mobiles to cut out and glue together. The colourful models include goldfish, clown fish and dragon fish, which draw on the fantastical fish designs of William De Morgan.

Softback, 32 pages. Published by Tarquin. ISBN: 978-1899618200

Angels in Art Masterpieces Colouring Book

Product SKU:NSS15

by Marty Noble

A colouring book wirh thirty ready-to-colour illustrations of angels, cherubs and heavenly messengers, adapted from superb works of art.  Several of Evelyn De Morgan's paintings are featured, including Eos and Aurora Triumphans. Perfect for the young Pre-Raphaelite enthusiast.

Softback, 30 pages. Published by Dover Publications. ISBN: 978-0486430386

Mythical Beasts Colouring Book

Product SKU:NSS14

by Fridolf Johnson

Colouring book with 30 drawing of mythical beasts by Fridolf Johnson, noted designer. Popular favourites such as the mermaid, the centaur and the phoenix are included along with more obscure beasts such as the satyr and the roc. Each picture features a short blurb about the mythical creature - a great way for children to learn.

32 pages. Published by Dover Publications.  ISBN: 978-0486233536

The Designs of William Morris

Product SKU:NSS13

Phaidon Miniature Editions

This mini book from Phaidon Press features full page illustrations of many of William Morris's designs for wallpaper, fabric and stained glass.

Softback, 160 pages. Published by Phaidon Press. ISBN: 978-0714834658

Arts and Crafts: an illustrated guide to the decorative style

Product SKU:ARTW1

by Steven Adams.

An illustrated guide to the Arts & Crafts examining the leading figures and philosophy behind the movement.

Softback, 128 pages.  Published by Silverdale Books.  ISBN: 978-1845092269