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This William De Morgan tile panel recently surfaced at auction in Buckinghamshire. It shows a snake below two doves in a fruit tree. The design is in De Morgan's archive at the Victoria and Albert Museum (see Greenwood book, page 154, V&A ref no 452), and the quality of execution leaves no real doubt as to the attribution.

Augustus Pitt Rivers (1827-1900) was one of the richest men in Victorian England, a noted collector of ethnography and an eminent archaeologist. Therefore, it might come as a surprise to discover that he patronised the Art Potters of his age. He acquired items from Aller Vale, Doulton, Poole and the Martin brothers.

Earlier in February adult education tutor Katja Robinson presented a lecture entitled Walter Crane and William De Morgan: Fairy Tales and Fantasy as part of a 5 week Arts & Crafts Adventures course for Edinburgh Council's further learning programme.


The De Morgans and Suffrage

By Dr Lucy Ella Rose, Lecturer in Victorian Literature at the University of Surrey. Her collaborative doctoral award from the University of Surrey and Watts Gallery supported her research on women in nineteenth-century creative partnerships. Attached is a link to purchase her publication on the De Morgan's with a 30% discount.