On the centenary of her death on 26th January 2014, we take a brief look at the legacy of Jane Morris

“Beauty like hers is genius”Dante Gabriel Rossetti

We recently invited our Friends to join us for an Arts and Crafts evening, with some informative talks and the chance to look at some wonderful antiques alongside our permanent collection.

We kicked off the evening with a glass of bubbly and a browse of the gallery and our temporary Teepee Glass exhibition – on a blustery November evening, we think there’s no better place to be than the warm, glowing surroundings of the De Morgan Centre!


In September 2013, the De Morgan Foundation hosted a group visit for our Friends to Red House in Bexleyheath. Here is a review of the visit, written by Jean McMeakin:


Nestled behind a modest brick wall with a small blue plaque on an ordinary suburban street in Bexleyheath, we stroll down the shady path to The Red House.  Warmly welcomed by Claire and Emma, we make use of our early arrival to take a peek around the lovely gardens before joining other members eager to start our tour.

William De Morgan’s works can be seen far and wide, from vibrant ceramics in other museums and galleries to tiles and fireplaces in private homes. The staff of the De Morgan Foundation recently took a trip to see some De Morgan tiles in situ in other London locations. 

We have a welcome new addition in the gallery that aims to bring you a plethora of new information about the hundreds of ceramics we have on display and in our art stores.

In the process of installing the exhibition

This September, the De Morgan Foundation will be welcoming the Teepee Glass whose works will be adorning our temporary exhibition space for two months. Teepee are a glass collective of eight artists who first met at the British Glass Biennale in 2006 and have been creating and exhibiting their distinctive glass pieces together since.

Today is St George’s Day, and we’re busy installing our next exhibition, Hidden Heritage: Mrs Stirling, Old Battersea House and the De Morgan Collection. One of the key exhibits in the exhibition is this rather wonderful decorated cabinet:

Our recent rehang of the gallery

From time to time, repeat visitors to the gallery will wander in, take a long look around and declare, ‘Something is different!’. Those with a keen eye will notice that every so often we move around the ceramics, rearranging them in the cases to give a fresh view, to highlight particular themes in the decoration, or to swap objects around so we can display different ceramics from our stores.