Between October and December 2019, De Morgan supporters generously donated over £3,000 towards the conservation and restoration of Evelyn De Morgan's painting 'Our Lady of Pace' (1907).

The theme of love is one which Evelyn De Morgan was drawn to repeatedly over her 50-year career as a professional artist.


The last time I saw the De Morgan Foundation Collection it was in Wandsworth in a purpose-built gallery space which subsequently closed in 2014.

William De Morgan was the most important ceramic designer of the Arts and Crafts Movement.

This charming pot was sent from William De Morgan's pottery at Sands End in Fulham to William who was in Florence for a Christmas gift in 1897.



From a lecture given to the Birmingham and Midland Institute on 24th November 2018.



A paper I gave at the Truth and Beauty Symposium at the Legion of Honor Museum in San Fransisco in October 2018.


The Tiled Reredos in St Peter’s Church,¹  Hornblotton, Somerset has often been referred to as by William De Morgan.  I live hereby and know the church well.  I doubted the attribution but never took it any further until The De Morgan Foundation asked me what I knew of the tiles.