Interactive iPad brings improved interpretation

We have a welcome new addition in the gallery that aims to bring you a plethora of new information about the hundreds of ceramics we have on display and in our art stores.

Our iPad kiosk now features an interactive display providing the details of over 140 pieces from our collection. Each piece has its own page providing all the details that we have on where and when it was produced, the techniques involved, who decorated the piece, and the occasional titbit of information or an anecdote about the object.

The objects are split into categories, making it simple to find your favourite lustre dish or floral vase.

As we display such a large number of ceramics (currently 264 pieces!), providing information on all of them has always been a challenge, but we hope our new display will bring a new level of meaning to your visit.

This kiosk was made possible by the hard work of our volunteers and our work experience student Sarah. We hope you’ll visit the gallery soon to give it a go and delve deeper into the wonders of William’s work!


Emma Coleman, Museum Officer