Dimensions: H 65", W 39"

Keywords: Evelyn De Morgan, Symbolist painting, Greek mythology, Boreas, God of the North Wind, winged man, Oreithyia, daughter of Erechtheus, Jane Hales

Dates: 1896

Marks / Inscriptions: Signature, painted, lower right: "EDeM 1896"


This painting continues the long tradition of depicting the stories from Greek mythology. Painted in oils on a large scale, it demonstrates Evelyn’s determination to be viewed as a professional artist.

Boreas, the Greek god of the north wind, is represented as usual as a winged man of mature age, with hair floating in the wind.  According to the legend, he carried off Oreithyia (daughter of Erechtheus) from the banks of the Ilissus and by her had several children.
Oritheyia was modelled by Evelyn’s maid, Jane Hales. Boreas was modelled by a professional artist’s model and also appears in Edward Burne-Jone’s The Beguilling of Merlin.
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Object Location: De Morgan Collection Storage